Monday, January 22, 2007


...I'm still alive. And yes, I still knit but I haven't done any knitting for the past month and consequently, I don't have very much to report. Except that I only finished one of the knitted items on my list and so my Christmas knitting adventure was a failure! Oh well. I'm not too upset about it because I knew I wasn't going to be able to finish in time. Overly ambitious gift list + modest knitting talent = doomed from the start. On the bright side, at least now I have a head start on gifts for Christmas 2007.

Speaking of Christmas, check out one of the wonderful gifts I received:

Needle mayhem

In an effort to out-gift me, Zeb bought me an insane amount of knitting needles of every size and type I could possibly need. I am not exaggerating when I say that I now have at least 60 pairs of straight knitting needles at home, not counting the ones I already owned before I received Zeb's gift. What I will ever do with all the needles I have no idea, but I like knowing that I will probably never again find myself in a situation where I do not have the right size needles for a pattern.